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Tyks Halikko hospital

Märyntie 1, Märynummi

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Tyks Halikko Hospital
Märyntie 1

Halikko hospital is located in Märynummi, Salo. It offers psychiatric inpatient and outpatient treatment to the residents of Southwest Finland.


Child psychiatry outpatient clinic, Salo

We treat and examine children under 13 and their families. We serve the residents of Salo, Somero, Paimio and Sauvo.

Affective Disorder Ward M2

We treat a variety of severe mental disorders. The patients in our ward are adults (18–69 years old).

Geropsychiatric unit for intensified open care, Salo

The purpose of intensified open care is to provide psychiatric specialist care primarily within the context of open care. The unit provides advanced home…

Neuropsychiatric Working Group, Salo

The neuropsychiatric working group at the Tyks Hospital invites for diagnostic examinations adult patients with a suspicion of some developmental…