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Tyks in social media

Discussion on Tyks' social media channels

In social media, our goal is to communicate and discuss topics related to well-being and health, based on reliable and researched information.

Please remember that the discussion is public, so please do not write any information about your health on our pages.

Please note the guidelines for good online behaviour:

  • Respect other participants. Disparagement, cursing and name-calling is prohibited.
  • We will remove messages based on conspiracy theories, disinformation or fake news.
  • Do not link to illegal of inappropriate material. We will remove inappropriate comments.
  • We reserve the right to delete messages (containing links, advertisements or other material) whose content or authenticity we cannot verify.
  • Racist messages and messages insulting a person, community or religion are prohibited.
  • The communication of a user who repeatedly violates the instructions may be blocked without prior warning.
  • We follow the conversation on our channels on weekdays. Unfortunately, we are not able to answer all the questions asked to us on social media.

Please note when making social media updates that photography in our hospital is limited.

Rewarding visits to our channels!
Best regards from us at Tyks