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Stem cell transplantation unit

The stem cell transplantation unit at the Tyks University Hospital is one of the two national stem cell transplantation units in Finland where complicated allogeneic stem cell transplantations are carried out with stem cells collected from healthy, unrelated donors to manage patients with difficult-to-treat haematological conditions.

We perform more than 100 stem cell transplantations each year. At European level we are categorized as medium-sized transplant center.

We were the first in Finland to perform a stem cell transplantation with peripheral blood stem cells. For this, we had refined the technique of collecting peripheral blood stem cells by apheresis (stem cell apheresis). Our center was also the first in Finland to perform haploidentical stem cell transplantation, in which a healthy first-degree relative can serve as a donor.


We have, since 2006, maintained an international accreditation status of quality standards JACIE/EBMT; this, in itself, proves the high standards of work done at our stem cell transplantation unit.