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Centre of Excellence in Neuromodulation Therapies

We implement, develop and coordinate multidisciplinary clinical and scientific neuromodulation activities. We offer the widest range of neuromodulation therapies in Finland, ranging from the treatment of psychiatric diseases to the treatment of neurological disorders such as neuropathic pain and pain syndromes, epilepsy, movement disorders, and tinnitus. Our staff includes leading experts and researchers in neuromodulation therapy.

Events for professionals

Nordic Neuromodulation Society (NNS) will organize the 10th Annual meeting in Turku, Finland 25-27 Septemper 2024. The Annual meeting will be arranged together with the Neurocenter Finland and the Centre of Excellence in Neuromodulation Therapies of the Wellbeing Services County of Southwest Finlnad and with the Finnish Association for the Study of...

Presentation of the Centre of Excellence in Neuromodulation Therapies

The Centre of Excellence in Neuromodulation Therapies is a pioneer in Finland and represents the highest international standard. The centre serves both clinical patients and scientific research.

Read more about neuromodulation therapies

Neuromodulation means altering the nervous system function. Neuromodulation therapy causes long-lasting but transient changes in the central nervous system function.

Presentation of the Neuro-HIFU treatment

Neuro-HIFU means “high intensity focused ultrasound”. The Method can be used in the treatment of many different illnesses.