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Tyks Cancer Centre – for researchers

The Cancer Centre brings research much closer to the patient. Our aim is to make it as easy as possible for any patient to participate in ongoing cancer trials. Research pervades each step along the treatment path.

The FICAN West is actively engaged in research covering a wide area of oncology: treatment, diagnosis, drug development and service systems. A high scientific level is maintained through close collaboration with the University of Turku and companies involved in cancer diagnostics and drug development.

When clinical cancer research requires a hospital environment, the facilities provided by the Clinical Trials Unit located in Tyks T-Hospital offers superior facilities for precisely that purpose.

Monthly Cancer Research Seminar Series will continue on Tuesday afternoons in MedD-building.

Research projects and groups

Read about ongoing clinical trials and about the research groups on western cancer center's (FICAN West) website.

Collaborating parties

The oncological research coordinated by the Tyks Cancer Centre covers a wide area of oncology and is cross-scientific. Research and innovation of oncological treatment are performed by: