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Tyks Cancer Centre

The Tyks Cancer Centre arranges cancer treatment and research in Southwest Finland. Our responsibility areas are prevention, diagnostics, treatment, rehabilitation, advanced scientific research and education in the field of cancer on the level of specialized medical care.

We are there for you - whether you are a cancer patient, a researcher or an employee of a cancer center.


Tyks cancer center has been a member of the European cancer network OECI (Organization of European Cancer Institutes) and the European network of rare adult cancers (ERN EURACAN) since 2016. Together with Satasairaala and Vaasa Central Hospital, we belong to the Western Cancer Center (FICAN West).

Tyks cancer centre was granted the European OECI Cancer Center status in 10/2019, which strengthens Tyks Cancer Center's position as a significant specialist in cancer treatment.

See time to start of treatment

This is how you can get cancer treatment in Tyks

You need a doctor's referral to access specialized medical treatment. Cancer treatment is always started urgently, so referrals to the hospital are processed without delay. The cancer centre monitors the implementation of cancer treatment by monitoring the time that elapses from the arrival of the patient's referral to the first treatment contact.

Western Finland Cancer Centre and Tyks involved in development project


The DigiCan Train project aims to promote access to continuing professional education and to increase the digital skills and use of e-technology by professionals working with cancer patients. The project aims to improve the skills and retraining of health professionals providing cancer care.