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Patient rights

Everyone living in Finland has the right to receive the treatment required by their state of health within the available resources. The patient also has other statutory rights, such as the right to good care and treatment, and access to information about health and care.

You can find information about patients' rights on this page. 

If you are not satisfied with the care or treatment received in the Wellbeing Service County of Southwest Finland, Patient Ombudsmen can give you advice. If you feel that giving customer feedback or having a conversation with the staff are insufficient, you can submit a written objection. The right to make an objection is based on the Patient Law and it is a primary way to complain about your care or treatment. If you consider writing a complaint to Regional State Administrative Agency, make sure you have written an objection first and received a reply from the health care unit.

You can find an objection form when you scroll down this page. You can either use the form or write the objection in your own words. Send the objection either by mail to Varha's registry (PB 52, 20521 Turku) or electronically as a message (e-Services). instructions are also available on this page.

If you are unable to write the objection for example due to a physical injury, you can receive help from Patient Ombudsman. Patient Ombudsmen can help you on the phone or you can make an appointment in advance.