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Client Fees

Client Fees 2023.

Customer payments are based on the Customer Payment Act and the Customer Payment Regulation.

Tyks recommends that its clients convert the invoices into e-invoices or direct payment. The client may order an e-invoice from his/her internet bank (personal identity number as identifier). Agreements on direct payment are made between the client and the client's bank.

A summary of the client fees charged from the patients of the Hospital District of Southwest Finland in 2023

  • Clinic fee €41,80
  • Nurse's visit: €28,70
  • Physician's visit: €41,80.
  • Daily inpatient fee €49,60
  • Day surgical fee €136,90
  • Lowered daily inpatient fee €22,80
  • Rehabilitation day fee €17,10
  • Night/day treatment fee €22,80
  • Psychiatric treatment day fee €22,80
  • Psychiatric night/day treatment fee €22,80
  • Continuing treatment fee €11,60 per visit
  • Fee for a medical certificate or statement at most €50,80
  • Not cancelled and unused appointment fee €51,50

Remote reception is comparable to normal outpatient or therapy visit and is subject to a fee. The patient will not be charged separately in addition to the visits or daily inpatient fees for imaging studies that are included in the patient's treatment at the hospital.

More information about client fees