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Scientific research and education

Our vision is that we belong to the community of leading health care researchers in the Nordic countries. Our strategic partner is the University of Turku.

Turku Clinical Research Centre

Turku CRC

The Turku Clinical Research Center, Turku CRC, offers support and services for researcher-oriented health research. The services are available to researchers of the University of Turku and Tyks' special responsibility area. Turku CRC's website also has instructions for clients who are planning to start a clinical trial in Tyks.

Auria Biobank

The duty of the Auria Biobank is to store labelled tissue and blood samples of human origin and to distribute them to health promoting medical studies. The founding members of the first biobank of Finland are the hospital districts of Southwest Finland, Satakunta and Vaasa and the University of Turku.

Tyks units of excellence

Tyks has nine units of excellence. The allocation of funding is based on the strategy of excellence, which aims to strengthen the competitiveness, innovation and research position, and clinical excellence of our university hospital.