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Strategic action programme for nursing and its implementation

The social and healthcare units in Southwest Finland employ approximately 12,800 nursing professionals. Nursing care is provided in various operating environments within the primary and specialised social and healthcare services: at outpatient clinics, in examination, rehabilitation and treatment units, at wards, as well as in the form of mobile and outreach services and at the client’s home.

The strategic action programme for nursing within the region of Southwest Finland and its implementation is a guideline for the development of nursing practices, leadership and management, training and education as well as research in various operating environments. In addition, individual work units will use the action programme as the basis for drawing up practical implementation plans for nursing. The programme has been prepared by the network of nursing managers within the region of Southwest Finland, and the aim is to generate the features that create an attractive nursing environment: excellent results in patient care and a high level of work satisfaction and engagement among the personnel.

Our nursing community’s task is to create value for our clients and patients by enhancing population health, lifetime and social well-being, by safeguarding quality nursing methods and by advancing nursing care and teaching that are based on research in the fields of social and health sciences. Our vision is to be an attractive forerunner in the region, as well as a nationally and internationally collaborating network of experts, operating with a client-oriented and evidence-based approach and aiming at continuous improvement and renewal.