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Play and free time guidance activities

We offer children the services of a children's, free time and craft instructor. Instructors rotate the departments according to their timetable. If you need a nice time together for your child, play supervision or even a parent's coffee break, ask your child's nurse to inquire about the availability of instructors. You can also always grab the instructor by the sleeve yourself!

Scientific research in the Department of Paediatrics and Adolescent Medicine

We conduct scientific research in close co-operation with the Turku university faculty of medicine and paediatrics. Our research and publishing activity is very active and internationally recognised.

Tyks unit for rare disease

Our result group founded the Tyks unit for rare diseases in 2015. The unit aims at improving the management of paediatric and adult patients with rare diseases.

The hospital school Kiinamylly

The hospital school Kiinamylly is located in our department. In addition to hospitalized students, our school teaches students in psychiatric outpatient care, whose schooling has been interrupted or is at risk of being interrupted due to psychological problems.