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On this page you will find information about different emergency services in Tyks.

Reduced operations in Tyks's emergency services continues during autumn

Tyks's emergency services have been reduced due to a staff shortage. Queuing times can occasionally be very long. You only come to the emergency room for urgent matters, such as chest pain, shortness of breath, heavy bleeding, a fracture, or a severe headache that is not helped by painkillers. Always call 116117 before you go to the emergency room.

Emergency room in Turku badly overcrowded

Emergency services in Turku are overcrowded due to the large number of patients. When assessing the need for treatment, we strictly follow the national criteria for urgent care of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, and we only treat diseases that require emergency care. In the case of non-emergency illnesses and ailments, we refer patients to other appropriate treatment facilities. (Updated: 14.11.2023)

Before leaving for the emergency clinic

Always call 116117 before you go to the emergency room.
Children under the age of 16: 02 313 1420

or use Omaolo to evaluate what kind of care you need.

For persons with hearing impairment or can't produce speech, an SMS text message service is available:
050 592 4740

Inquiries by person closest of kin (adult): 02 313 8930