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Organisation and operations of the Centre of Excellence in Neuromodulation Therapies

The Turku University Hospital Centre of Excellence in Neuromodulation Therapies implements, coordinates and develops neuromodulation operations and scientific research in Southwest Finland in several fields of specialised medical care.

The range of neuromodulation therapies offered is the widest in Finland, and with the use of advanced neuromodulation methods, it ranges from the treatment of psychiatric diseases to the treatment of neurological disorders such as neuropathic pain and pain syndromes, epilepsy, movement disorders, and tinnitus. Deployed in the spring of 2022, the Neuro-HIFU (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) device is the first of its kind in Finland. It can also provide opportunities for the treatment and research of central movement disorders.

The network-like collaboration within the Centre of Excellence in Neuromodulation Therapies is based on a multi-professional model in which patient care is carried out in collaboration with experts from different specialties and divisions. In the network model, each unit in the Centre of Excellence is responsible for its own operations and the treatment of patients in its own facilities with its own budget. The staff consists of top-level experts: medical specialists, nurses, laboratory technologists, hospital physicists and researchers from dissertation writers to professors. A key part of operations are the collaboration groups that discuss patient cases on a regular basis, such as the monthly-convening neuromodulation therapy working group formed by experts from different specialties. 

The Centre of Excellence in Neuromodulation Therapies includes


The Centre of Excellence in Neuromodulation Therapies is a network comprised of several specialties, divisions and sections, the cooperation of which began in 2015. The unit was awarded the Centre of Excellence status in 2018, and its strategy was prepared based on the Strategy of Excellence of the Hospital District of Southwest Finland. The foundation of the Centre of Excellence is active research cooperation to promote neuromodulation research, diverse and high-level competence of the staff, as well as sustained desire to develop and innovate with regard to improving the operating environment, the choice of evidence-based treatment methods, and the planning of equipment investments.

The goal of the Centre of Excellence in Neuromodulation Therapies is to be the best centre of excellence in neuromodulation therapies in Finland and an internationally recognised centre of research and learning. The centre of excellence is of the higher international standard as far as the evaluation of the benefits of neuromodulation therapies, the use of available treatment options, the technical implementation of therapies, and the prediction and monitoring of treatment responses are concerned.


  • top-level expertise
  • individually selected and effective patient care
  • high quality
  • internationally acclaimed scientific research
  • effective, multidisciplinary and network-based cooperation