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Press release Published on 24.8.2017, 16:51

The man imprisoned for the knife attack in Turku has been moved from Tyks


Update 28th August 2017

The police have moved the man suspected for the knife attack in Turku, who has been hospitalized at Turku University Hospital (Tyks), to Hämeenlinna Prison Hospital on Wednesday 23rd August 2017. District court decided to imprison him on Tuesday 22nd August 2017.

Hospital Director Petri Virolainen says that the conditions of the two victims, who are still in care, are stable and their care continues at Tyks. They don't need intensive care any more.

– The hospital continues with its operation as normal, says Virolainen.

The actions of the initial treatment at the place of the incident saved lives

In the publicity there has been estimations that the ambulances' arrival to the place of the incident would have been delayed. According to Hospital District's announcement the initial treatment got the commission from the Emergency Response at 16.04 and immediately received the commission. The first unit from the initial treatment was by the patient 4,5 minutes after the alarm. The last transportation of a patient to the hospital, which was estimated as a non-urgent case, took place 30 minutes after the alarm from the Emergency Response. Altogether, eight patients were transported to the hospital.

– The field directors at the initial treatment have led the health care in the field extremely fast and efficiently. Hospital Director Petri Virolainen says that their fast actions helped save the lives of many victims in the knife attacks.