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Opening hours and contact information

Visiting address

Tyks Lighthouse Hospital
Savitehtaankatu 5
Entrance 22A. B lifts next to the cafeteria, 5th floor.

Postal address

PO Box 52
20521 Turku
Mo–Fr 9:00–12:00
At other times, please send us a call-back request by text message (please state your name in the message)

Office hours

Mo 8:30–15:00
Tu–Th 7:30–15:00
Fr 7:30–14:00

We examine the electrical activity of the brain, sensory systems, nerves and muscles, as well as sleep and alertness. We monitor the nervous system and musculature during surgery and intensive care, and perform non-invasive neuromodulation treatments.

Clinical neurophysiology is used to examine patients for disorders such as neurological diseases, epilepsy, pain, sleep disorders, nerve damage and muscle diseases, for example myopathies. We also specialise in diseases that cause disorders of consciousness and sensory impairment (sight, hearing, touch). A referral from a physician is required for all examinations. 

In addition to diagnostic tests, we treat patients with non-invasive neuromodulation techniques (repetitive transcranial magnetic simulation and transcranial direct current stimulation), as well as monitor the function of the nervous system, musculature and sensory organs during surgery and in intensive care.

The examinations and treatments we provide include but are not limited to the following:

  • Electroencephalogram (EEG)
  • Electroneuromyography (ENMG)
  • Cardiorespiratory polygraphy
  • Visual evoked potential (VEP)
  • Brainstem auditory evoked potential (BAEP)
  • Repetitive transcranial magnetic simulation (rTMS)

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The Clinical Neurophysiology Unit is a service area in the Hospital Services Result Group of Tyks Medical Imaging.

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