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Geriatric Emergency Department



Visiting address

Tyks Mäntymäki Hospital
Kunnallissairaalantie 20
Building 1A, 6th floor

Postal address

20700 Turku

We treat elderly patients in need of acute hospital care and treatment. Our area of expertise includes comprehensive geriatric assessment, which charts the causes of the decline in the patient's physical, mental and social functional capacity.

The goal is to provide treatment for a patient's acute problem while simultaneously examining the measures needed to support their ability to cope at home as well as the need for further treatment and rehabilitation. The treatment is carried out in multi-professional co-operation. In addition, there is close co-operation with the care network along with family members and other close persons.

Most of the patients come to the Emergency Department from Tyks Acute and as guided by the acute geriatric team. Patients should also undergo a global geriatric assessment based on the referral. The aim is to keep the treatment periods short, but if treatment continues, the patient will be directed to an appropriate location for further care.