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Paediatric Teaching Outpatient Clinic


Opening hours and contact information

Visiting address

Tyks U-hospital
Kiinamyllynkatu 4-8
Entrance 3A, 4th floor, B-elevators.

Postal address

PO Box 52
20521 Turku
Mo–Fr 9:00–10:30

Office hours

Mo 7:45–12:00
Tu 7:45–15:00
We–Fr 7:45–12:00

Children and adolescents suffering from typical paediatric diseases are examined and treated at our clinic.

We admit children and adolescents, for example

  • due to suspected growth disturbance
  • for allergy and asthma tests
  • diurnal and nocturnal enuresis examinations
  • examinations of past urinary tract infections
  • studies of stomach problems
  • suspected heart murmur or arrhythmia and
  • assessing neurological symptoms and diseases.

We interview the child and the family and discuss the child's condition together. The child will undergo routine doctor's examination. Based on this, we will decide whether blood tests or other further examinations are necessary.

You need a doctor's referral to be admitted. 

The physician responsible for your child's treatment during his/her clinic visit is a specialist physician of paediatrics. A nurse will participate in the child's care and direction and will schedule appointments at the outpatient clinic.

Thorough and comprehensive research

Your child is examined and his/her condition is surveyed more thoroughly than during a normal clinic visit by the medical students and the specialist physician of paediatrics acting as their teacher. Due to this, we ask you to reserve plenty of time (about 2 to 3 hours) for the clinic visit, since the visit may include laboratory, X-ray or other examinations as well.

Our goal is to assess the child's condition wholly. The child and his/her family are prioritised. At the same time we teach paediatrics and children's growth and development to future physicians. We discuss with students and the family.

The teaching clinic showed us what goes through a physician's head during a patient visit.

– Enthusiastic father after their visit.

Paediatricians working in our unit are clinical educators and docents:

  • Liisa Järvelä
  • Johanna Lempainen
  • Anna Pärtty
  • Paula Tähtinen
  • Lauri Ivaska
  • Jaakko Koskenniemi.

We are part of the Tyks operational division of the Department of Paediatrics and Adolescent Medicine.