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Dialysis Unit, Uusikaupunki


Opening hours and contact information

Visiting address

Tyks Vakka-Suomi Hospital
Terveystie 2
Dialysis unit, 1st floor

Postal address

PO Box 12
23501 Uusikaupunki
Tu–We 7:00–15:00

Office hours

Mo–Sa 7:00–15:00

The Dialysis Unit provides haemodialysis or artificial kidney treatment to patients suffering from renal failure.

We treat haemodialysis patients, who transfer from Tyks Main Hospital's Dialysis Unit to Tyks Vakka-Suomi Hospital's Dialysis Unit after the acute period.

Guest dialyses are possible according to the available places. There is an isolation room place available to one patient at a time. Guest dialyses customers should contact first our unit (tel. 02 314 1340), from where they are admitted.

Information about parking and transport connections.