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Ear, Nose and Throat Diseases Outpatient Clinic, Uusikaupunki


Opening hours and contact information

Visiting address

Tyks Vakka-Suomi Hospital
Terveystie 2

Postal address

PO Box 12
23501 Uusikaupunki

Office hours, even-numbered week

Mo–Tu 8:00–15:00
Fr 8:00–15:00

Office hours, odd-numbered week

Tu–We 8:00–15:00
Fr 8:00–15:00

Audiometric tests

Mo–Fr 8:00–15:00
Mo–Tu 9:00–9:30
Fr 9:00–9:30
Tu–We 9:00–9:30
Fr 9:00–9:30
Mo–Fr 8:00–9:00
Mo–Fr 10:00–12:00

We treat patients with ear, nose and throat diseases as outpatient visits and surgically. The audiometrician also performs hearing tests and treats hearing aid patients.

We admit patients

  • by a referral
  • without a referral in urgent cases
  • from the emergency room
  • to post-operative follow-ups
  • directed from Tyks.