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Children with a haematological illness or cancer


Malignant haematological diseases and cancers are rare in populations under adult age. The diagnostics and treatment of cancer and serious haematological illnesses are concentrated to the university clinics.

Child is sitting on mother's lap. Nurse is looking at the child.

There are about 150 children under the age of 16 who present with a new cancer annually, of these 25–32 are from the Tyks catchment area.

The three largest diagnostic groups are:

Treatment facilities

Paediatric and Adolescent Haematology and Oncology Ward and Outpatient Clinic

We care for children and young people with long-term illnesses, taking the whole family into account. As part of the Tyks Stem Cell Transplant Unit, our…

Department of Radiotherapy

We perform radiotherapy primarily on cancer patients.