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Laboratory testing


You will need to have a laboratory referral from the unit where your are being treated.

Our laboratories work mainly by appointments, some have a queue number system. We recommend that you book a time for your visit to the lab, because that is the smoothest way to have your sampling done.

Referrals form private physicians are not accepted for laboratory sampling at Tyks Laboratories.

You may book a time for laboratory testing online or by phone (customer service). You may come without a booking for urgent sampling. You may use the queue number system for obtaining or returning containers for sample collection.

Your laboratory results will, as a general rule, be entered into your Kanta pages. If you don’t find your results in your Kanta pages, please contact the unit where you are being treated. The referring unit decides how lab results will appear in your Kanta pages.

Treatment facilities

Laboratory, Turku City Hospital

Sampling by appointment.

Laboratory, Turku Center

Sampling by appointment. The Ketterä sampling serves adult customers requiring blood samples from Tuesday to Friday, between 7:30 AM and 11:00 AM. The…

Laboratory, Mäntymäki health centre

Blood samples and/or electrocardiography by queue number 8 am to 11 am.

Laboratory, Tyks parking house drive-in

Sampling by appointment. More detailed arrival instructions in the booking confirmation.