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The principles of good service

Successful care is achieved with the right attitude and cooperation.

The customer

  • I care about my health, I want to commit to and participate in my care.
  • I provide correct and relevant information to the staff about my health.
  • I follow the hospital rules and take into account the staff and other patients in the waiting room.
  • If I have signed a living will, I assume that it will be followed.
  • I can give feedback about the care and service I have experienced in person or on the website.


  • ​We aim to provide everybody with adequate and tidy premises where the signs and
    routings are clear, and accessibility is obvious.
  • We want to provide stimuli, premises that enhance healing and a safe environment
    for all.


  • ​We greet people in a friendly manner and treat everybody with respect.
  • We want to offer the best service possible taking into account the customer’s native language.
  • We ensure that the customers have an opportunity to ask about and discuss their treatment.
  • The customer is the owner of his or her own case when making treatment decisions.
  • It is important for us to take into account family members and close ones.
  • We encourage each other and pay attention to the feedback we receive.