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Biobank consent and refusal


After you have given your consent to Auria Biobank, samples collected during medical treatment and information related to the sample will be stored by the biobank.

You have the right to refuse giving your consent to Auria Biobank and this will in no way affect your treatment. You may also withdraw your consent at any time.

Auria Biopankin suostumuslomakkeet

The samples you have provided to Auria Biobank will promote medical science aimed at developing new medicines and therapies.

You may give your consent online by visiting the address or by filling the consent form on paper when you visit the hospital. Your consent is required only once. An underage child may also provide his or her consent to Auria Biobank together with a parent or guardian.

Treatment facilities

Auria Biobank

A biobank is a unit that operates within a hospital. Auria Biobank is part of Tyks Laboratories result group. When you give your consent to the biobank…