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Thyroid cancer


Thyroid cancer is usually diagnosed from a cytological (cell) sample taken with a needle from a nodule that the patients has found in the neck.

There are three subtypes of thyroid cancer: papillary, follicular and medullary. The prognosis of patients with thyroid cancer is generally good.

Thyroid cancer is treated surgically by removal of the thyroid gland and any metastases in the neck region, and by radioactive iodine. After surgery, the patients require thyroid hormone, thyroxin, for the rest of their life. Occasionally, radiation therapy and chemotherapy may be used. The treatment plan is always individualized for each patient.

Treatment facilities

Infusion Outpatient Clinic, Loimaa

The focus area of our activity is in medicine therapy, its planning and execution.

Pharmacotherapy Outpatient Clinic, Salo

We administer medical treatment to our patients. Medical treatment can either be infusions (medicine administered intravenously) or injections.

Infusion Outpatient Clinic, Uusikaupunki

We administer various medical treatments every workday.

Plastic and General Surgery Inpatient Ward

We treat plastic and general surgery patients. Our largest patient group is patients with breast cancer.