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Press release Published on 6.9.2017, 16:51

The last victim from the knife attack left the hospital


The last victim from the knife attack in Turku 18th August 2017, a 32 year old woman, has been sent home from Turku University Hospital (Tyks) on Tuesday 5th September 2017. Her injury required, except an operation and intensive care, also a correcting operation of a nerve, which has extended her recovery at the hospital.

The injuries of another victim, as well as of the suspected offender, also required intensive care. Altogether, eight victims from the knife attack were cared for at Tyks, of which six were sent home the week after the incident and the seventh victim in the beginning of the following week.

Two persons died from their injuries in the knife attack, one at the place of the incident and another on the way to the hospital. The police moved the man who is suspected for the knife attack, and imprisoned by district court, from Tyks to Hämeenlinna Prison Hospital on Wednesday 23rd August 2017.

Less victims due to fast initial treatment

– The Hospital District's field directors in initial treatment led the help of the victims in the field very fast and efficiently. Our perception is that the fast actions by the initial treatment helped save lives of the victims in the knife attack, says Hospital Director Petri Virolainen.

Other activity at the hospital was very smooth and all patients could be taken care of immediately despite difficult injuries. Extra personnel came fast to work and there would have been preparation at Tyks to take care of more patients.

The initial treatment got the commission from the Emergency Response at 16.04 and the first unit was at the place of the incident after five minutes. Altogether, eight ambulances arrived to the place of the incident, the field directors' unit in initial treatment and a Finnhems doctor's unit.

Emergency service's chief physician sent the alarm for mass accident at 16.15. Thanks to the alarm, we were able to get many personnel to the initial care unit, the emergency services and to the surgery rooms at Tyks. Under half an hour there was five extra surgery teams available.

The last ambulance left the place of the incident and drove to the hospital at 16.35. The first patient was in surgery at 16.46 and the last at 17.10. Finally, only two victims and the suspected offender needed surgery and intensive care thereafter.

Good cooperation among authorities

According to Virolainen, the incident shows Tyks' preparation to react to sudden accidents, also outside of office hours.

– The cooperation with authorities worked excellent and despite of the fact that the focus naturally points to the care of the patients, the incident shows how much other activity is needed for a situation to be taken cared of successfully.

– The victims in the knife attack were treated, to our judgment, very well and professionally. Still there are things, which we should learn from the incident. The incident is processed in different units and we take advantage of the feedback when we update our instructions, states Hospital Director Petri Virolainen.