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Opening hours and contact information

Visiting address

Tyks Halikko Hospital
Märyntie 1
Toivola-building, 2nd floor

Psychosis Ward P5 is a rehabilitating, closed reception department with 16 beds. We examine and manage patients aged 18–69 years whose mental condition warrants hospital care.

Often, the reason for admittance is relapse of the psychotic illness, which has caused loss of the functions needed for daily living and poor overall functional capacity. Individually tailored, brief periods of rehabilitation to support the patient in managing daily life in open care are also provided at the ward. 

You need a doctor's referral to be admitted. Treatment is either voluntary or involuntary. The Mental Health Act (in Finnish) has specifications when involuntary treatment is needed. Examinations and treatment are planned together with the patient in a treatment meeting attended by a physician and nurse and – as needed – by the patient's support network, e.g., close of kin or open care support worker. The patient is treated by a multiprofessional team: physician, psychologist, social worker, nurse, ergotherapist, crafting instructor and physiotherapist.

During treatment, we follow up the patient's mental and physical condition and examine his/her life situation. Treatment rests crucially on the work of the nurse appointed to the patient, on family involvement, pharmacotherapy and individually designed team activities. Two dedicated nurses are appointed to each patient at the start of the treatment period. The appointed nurses support the patient's convalescence by talking and interacting with the patient, by taking him/her into consideration and by providing information about the illness and how it should be managed. As dictated by the patient's needs, his/her management may also require social services, psychological testing, ergotherapy or psychophysical physiotherapy.

We develop our work continuously aiming at constant improvement of the quality of care. You are free to give us feedback on how you perceive the treatment we have provided.