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Birthing class


The birthing class is for couples who are going to give birth at the Turku university hospital.


Our birthing classes have changed in February 2024. The birthing classes at Tyks Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology have two parts: you can access the digital birthing class material when it is convenient for you through the digital care pathway for pregnancy and labour, and if you wish, you can participate the in-depth birthing class organised in person at the Lighthouse hospital. It is recommended to participate in both classes.

Birthing class at the Tyks digital care pathway for pregnancy and labour

After you have booked your first antenatal screening appointment, you will gain access to the Tyks digital care pathway for pregnancy and labour, Tyks raskaana olevan digihoitopolku in Finnish. You will receive a text message when the path has been opened for you. The digital care pathway provides information in Finnish and Swedish about pregnancy, how to prepare for labour and how labour is managed. It also provides information on the postpartum period. You can find the birthing class material under the “labour is approaching” section, "Synnytys lähestyy" in Finnish. The material is available in Finnish, Swedish, and English.

You can access the digital care pathway with the MyPath mobile application or by accessing it online: My Path ( The free mobile application is available through the AppStore and the GooglePlay store.

If you have not received authorisation to use the digital care pathway, please contact us by email:

Birthing class at the Lighthouse hospital

Go over the birthing class material on the digital care pathway before you take part in the in-person birthing class at the Lighthouse hospital. The in-person birthing class at the Lighthouse hospital goes over the same themes as material on the digital care pathway and we will use it during the class, but we will delve into the material more deeply.

The in-person birthing class is a class which aims to deepen your knowledge and provide you with tools to be an active participant in your labour. During the class we will go over movements that prepare your body for labour, which will also help you during the labour. If the situation permits, we will also show you around a labour room.

The birthing class is held at the Lighthouse Hospital, address Savitehtaankatu 5. Use the main entrance to the Lighthouse hospital when you arrive. Take the A elevators to the third floor, were you will find the emergency services during pregnancy and labour. A midwife will come and collect. We ask you not to attend the class if you are feeling ill.

During the little under two hours long class, a midwife from the labour ward will instruct you on how you can prepare for labour, goes over the different stages of labour and different pain management methods, and talks about your time at the hospital after labour with your newborn.

The birthing class is held at a conference room next to the labour ward. The appropriate time to attend the birthing class is from pregnancy week 34 onwards. One birthing class can accommodate 12 mothers with their spouses or birthing partners.

The birthing class is suitable for all mothers no matter what your birth plan is. The birthing classes are held in Finnish. We extend the warmest of welcomes to you and your birthing partner!

How can I book a slot for the in person birthing class?

You can book a slot from the links at the Tyks digital care pathway for pregnancy and labor. Please book one slot only – one slot covers both you and your birthing partner.

If you fall ill or are unable to participate, please remember to cancel your booking because there is only a limited number of slots for each class. If you have to cancel your participation on the day of the class, please call the maternity care service and helpline: 02 313 1000.

You can take a virtual tour of our premises below:

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All babies born in Southwest Finland are delivered at our department.