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Kidney cancer


Cancer in the kidney (renal cancer, hypernephroma) causes blood to spill into in the urine which may be a first symptom. The cancer is visualized in imaging studies of the abdomen.

If the kidney tumour is small, it may be removed by partial removal of the kidney. A bigger tumour necessitates removal of the entire kidney. Most of these operations are done endoscopically. Adjuvant treatment is not considered beneficial for patients with kidney cancer.

Advanced kidney cancer may be treated with various targeted medicines. The treatment plan is always individualized for each patient.

Treatment facilities

Department of Radiotherapy

We perform radiotherapy primarily on cancer patients.

Oncology Ward

We treat adult patients suffering from cancer in our ward (lung-, gynecological- and hematological cancers excluded. These cancers are treated in their own…

Oncologic Outpatient Clinic

We treat adults with oncological diseases apart from those patients with haematological, lung or gynaecological cancer, who are treated in their own…

Urology ward

We treat diseases of the urinary organs. Urological cancer diseases are the largest disease group in our ward.