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Liver cancer


We know that many cancers can metastasize to the liver, but cancer in the liver itself is rather uncommon.

Symptoms of liver cancer may be pain in the upper part of the abdomen, poor appetite, fullness in the abdomen and nausea. Later in the disease process, weight loss, fever and yellowing of the skin and eye balls may emerge.

Liver cancer may originate either from the liver cells (hepatoma) or from the bile ducts (cholangiocarcinoma). These two forms of liver cancer have one thing in common: they grow usually in livers damaged by liver cirrhosis or by chronically inflamed bile ducts.

Liver cancer is treated surgically, with local measures, chemotherapy and biological drugs. The treatment plan is always individualized for each patient.

Treatment facilities

Gastroenterological Outpatient Clinic, A-hospital

We treat gastrointestinal patients with surgical and medicinal treatments and perform endoscopies.

Department of Radiotherapy

We perform radiotherapy primarily on cancer patients.

Oncology Ward

We treat adult patients suffering from cancer in our ward (lung-, gynecological- and hematological cancers excluded. These cancers are treated in their own…

Oncologic Outpatient Clinic

We treat adults with oncological diseases apart from those patients with haematological, lung or gynaecological cancer, who are treated in their own…