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Sarcoma is a general term for connective tissue cancers. The sarcomas are a group of different and rare tumours. They have names that often refer to the tissue from which the tumour has originated.

The sarcomas may be divided into bone sarcomas and soft tissue sarcomas. The diagnosis requires a tissue sample obtained by coarse-needle biopsy or open biopsy. The sample is examined by a pathologist.

The sarcomas are so rare and varied diseases that treatment is individualized. Often, however, treatment is started with surgery and it may be complemented with chemotherapy or radiation therapy, as needed.

Treatment facilities

Department of Radiotherapy

We perform radiotherapy primarily on cancer patients.

Oncology Ward

We treat adult patients suffering from cancer in our ward (lung-, gynecological- and hematological cancers excluded. These cancers are treated in their own…

Oncologic Outpatient Clinic

We treat adults with oncological diseases apart from those patients with haematological, lung or gynaecological cancer, who are treated in their own…

Traumatology Outpatient Clinic

We are responsible for the follow-up of patients who have sustained and been treated for injuries of the trunk and extremities, for bone tumours, for…