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Cancer diagnosis and heredity


Cancer screening is the systematic search for the precursors or early stages of cancer from among the population.

The goal is to reduce deaths due to cancer among those screened. In Finland, legislation obliges municipalities to organize cancer screening for breast cancer, cervical cancer and intestinal cancer. If a positive result is found on the first screen, it does not immediately mean it is cancer. The diagnosis of cancer will only be confirmed by further examinations.

When there is a suspicion of cancer, several diagnostic tests are available. The doctor first examines the patient.  On basis of the examination and the patient's history, the doctor then orders the appropriate laboratory tests, imaging studies and interventions to diagnose the condition and, if there is cancer, to establish how widespread it is.

An important goal is to obtain a tissue or cell sample of the tumour, which a pathologist will examine.

Your health care provider will always give you detailed information of the planned examinations.