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Opening hours and contact information

Visiting address

Tyks T-hospital
Hämeentie 11
Main entrabnde 18A, 5th floor, A Wing

Postal address

PO Box 52
20521 Turku

At the Neurology ward, we examine and care for patients with neurological diseases and symptoms. Typical health problems of our patients are disturbances of the blood circulation of the brain (stroke), brain tumours, epilepsy, inflammatory diseases of the central or peripheral nervous system and degenerative neurological conditions.

Most of our patients are referred from the Emergency Clinics and the Stroke unit, some patients come electively (as planned) by referral for a procedure or treatment.

Management and care are planned, executed and assessed individually for each patient in collaboration within the team involved: neurologists, neurology trainees, nurses, practical  nurses, physiotherapists, ergotherapists and speech therapists. The overall care of the patient includes assessment of the need for continued treatment and rehabilitation.  Our goal is to work in fruitful collaboration with the patient and the patient’s close relative / contact person.  We respond to individual needs for instructions and guidance with the aim to discharge the patient smoothly and safely home or for continued care.

If needed, the patient may be transferred to the neurosurgical ward (TF3) for close follow-up of symptom development.

Our ward is a part of the Tyks Neurocenter.