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Paediatric Neurology Outpatient Clinic, Lighthouse Hospital


Opening hours and contact information

Visiting address

Tyks Lighthouse Hospital
Savitehtaankatu 5
2nd floor, section L, (B lifts).

Postal address

PO Box 52
20521 Turku

Opening hours

Mo–Th 8:00–15:00
Fr 8:00–14:00

Calling hours

Cancellations and transfers for the same day

Mo–Fr 8:15–8:30

Non-urgent matters

Mo–Th 13:00–15:00
Fr 13:00–14:00

Consultation with neuropsychologists: number for professionals

Phone, Consultation with neuropsychologists: number for professionals: 050 407 9096

At the Paediatric Neurology Outpatient Clinic in Lighthouse Hospital, we study and treat children who have been diagnosed or suspected with a neurological illness or significant developmental delay.

In a multidisciplinary outpatient clinic, we treat, for example, the following paediatric neurological problems:

  • juvenile epilepsy and other seizure-like conditions
  • severe headache
  • aftercare of brain injuries
  • sports injuries
  • early development monitoring of risk children
  • muscular diseases
  • movement disorders.

In addition, the Lighthouse Hospital provides a comprehensive multi-professional rehabilitation outpatient clinic primarily for patients with physical disabilities, multiple disabilities, and those in need of acute rehabilitation. The Lighthouse Hospital also hosts a paediatric functional disorder outpatient clinic. 

Our entire unit is also responsible for basic education in paediatric neurology for health care professionals and further vocational education. In addition, our tasks include diverse teaching, research and development in the field of paediatric neurology.

Patients come to us with a doctor's referral.

We belong to the Tyks Department of Paeditrics and Adolescent Medicine  in the Paediatric Neurology service area.

To improve and develop our work, we welcome feedback on care.

Examination period

The child's development and special related features are assessed in a multi-professional working group. The rehabilitation examination involves mapping the child's overall situation by their own carer, a physician, and a rehabilitation advisor. In addition, special professionals experienced in various aspects of development, such as a speech therapist, psychologist, occupational therapist and physiotherapist, evaluate the child's development skills and ability to function. At the end of the examination period, a discussion event is held together with the family to gather views on the child's need for rehabilitation.

The rehabilitation plan includes the measures needed by the child to support his development, such as recommendations for therapy, assistive devices, and social rehabilitation. The rehabilitation plan is valid for one to three years as agreed. The rehabilitation of the child is reassessed during follow-up visits arranged in, for instance, the Paediatric Neurology Unit of Turku University Hospital, the health centre in the child’s own municipality, or a child health clinic in the special care district.